Why Here, Why Now?

So why am I writing here? It’s because I have made some life changing choices that began in 2020. When I was ill, a nutritionist came to see and made some suggestions that I considered but didn’t follow through with. The first suggestion was to limit my meat intake or give it up completely. Her suggestion was due to my kidney issues, (https://www.kidney.org/content/10-common-habits-that-may-harm-your-kidneys). I thought about it but didn’t really do anything. The second thing that she suggested was that I include as much movement in my life that I was capable of. I was a daily swimmer before becoming ill but I had pretty much stopped after my illness in 2018.

So during the “lockdown” of 2020 (I live in Newark, New Jersey which was hard hit) I saw COVID take the lives of former co-workers and friends. And then we started becoming aware of the correlations between certain illnesses and severe cases of COVID. Among them were diabetes, obesity, heart disease and respiratory illnesses many of which are preventable or at least controllable with the proper diet and exercise. So where did that leave me? After giving it serious thought I decided to give up animal products completely. So as of the summer of 2020 I became a vegan!

Relax, I am not trying to convert you if you aren’t interested. But what I hope to do is to invite you to come along with me on my continuing journey to a healthy lifestyle. We’ll investigate how to transition to a more plant centered diet, how to incorporate exercise into our daily routine and how to work on the mental, emotional and spiritual components of a healthy life.

I’m excited and I hope you will be too!

One thought on “Why Here, Why Now?

  1. Hi ya firstly thank you for following me and sorry to hear of your kidney/health problems I’m also enjoying your posts I’ve read thus far.. I’m of mixed race and I’ve been vegan for 5 years now and was the best move I made I have a number of health conditions which impact on each other. But this lifestyle has helped me control hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic symptoms.. Looking forward to seeing your journey unfold “by any greens necessary” 😉😁

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