Change Is Scary Right?

So you’d think that after the really bad things that happened to me in 2018, I would have immediately made serious changes. I sure didn’t want to see reoccurances of my illnesses! But, I’m human. In spite of my knowing I needed to do better, I returned to what I knew best. That’s what we do generally, rely on the comfortable and familiar.

So I made the move to being vegan, upped my exercise game and generally changed my lifestyle! Was it easy? No. Was it scary, yes. Hey I just turned 70 after all. I knew that I wouldn’t be walking into this new lifestyle with those closest to me. To date I’m the only vegan in my close family or friends group. It’s okay. I’m a big girl and I don’t need to fit in when it comes to food. I walk and exercise by myself, thats okay with me too. At the end of the day I’m happyn with myself.

I realize that everyone isn’t ready to make massive changes all at once. I believe that making small adjustments is the way to go. So here I am. I thought we could work on this together! I can share my changes with you and hopefully you’ll make your own. What do you think?