I Wasn’t Sure I’d Make It!

This journey began for me in 2018. In the spring of that year I began to have a variety of symptoms that led to the first of what would turn out to be many hospitalizations. The short version is that I experienced kidney failure, developed blood clots in my legs and by late June had been diagnosed with Lymphoma. After my longest hospitalization, I was so weak that I wasn’t able to walk on my own or take care of myself. Thank God for my husband who cared for me for months night and day. In July of that year, I began Chemotherapy which lasted for three months. I lost so much weight and was so weak that some days I wasn’t sure that I was going to get better. But I did! Good doctors, lots of prayer and wonderful family and friends saw me through.

Like many people, as the memory of the many horrible things that happened to me that year began to fade (the brain does what it can to protect us) I returned to life as it had been before the illnesses. Even though I knew intellectually that this wasn’t my best idea or plan for the future. Eating in a healthy manner and exercising were things that I did sometimes but weren’t my regular course of action.

So why am I telling you all this stuff? Because this blog is about my journey to a healthier lifestyle and my desire to have those of you interested to take this journey with me! So, welcome and stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Sure I’d Make It!

  1. Hi there another comment! Crikey sounds like we have something in common I had kidney dysfunction too but the doctors got mine going again. My lungs kept failing though though mine was due to Pneumonia and severe sepsis shock.. I’m so glad you had your husband too to take care of you like me.. I’ll look forward to reading more.. Albeit I’m reading in reverse… 🥰

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